There used to be this word called “Tribute”

Posted on
14 April 2016

"There used to be this word called "Tribute" and much like its friend "Genius" it got over used to the point where everyone forgot what it really meant. When they saw it written over posters of men dressed in union jack pyjama suits they assumed it meant the same as words like "copying" or the phrase "a bit like". When they heard it used so often before poor singers sang songs on the x factor written by other people they assumed the word meant "borrowed from". But Last Friday when Los Palmas 6 played, the word breathed a lung full of its feudal ancestry once again, and saw itself as an acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, and admiration, to a tribe. As a praiseworthy quality,
I pass my own Tribute to what was an excellent entertaining set of pure solid fun. A great band, a true Tribute. Must have been booked by a genius 🙂