LP6 Blast Aberdeen

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“For over 15 years, the good people of the North East of Scotland have waited to put on their Pork Pie hats and get down to some serious Nutty dancing, on Sunday 31st April it finally happened.

The Los Palmas 6 burst onto stage with a great rendition of `Madness` and suddenly it was game on. All doubts of how convincing they would be were soon dispelled, as the Nutty Sound was recreated in glorious fashion. All the great oldies were belted out as the crowd were whipped into a stomping frenzy and even the latest Madness tracks like, `Drip Fed Fred` and `Lovestruck` were delivered with such passion that even those that had never heard them before, found themselves dancing like they had been doing it all their lives.

It is great judge of a band when they know exactly what the crowd want, and the final delivery of `Night Boat to Cairo`, `One Step Beyond` and `Baggy Trousers` sent everyone home happy but begging for more.  If you have not yet got along to see the LP6, do it soon – You’ll love it.”

Madstock Madness